MARI n MICHAEL (Interviewer 최유진)

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Artist Interview


'행(行), 그리고 다시 긍정에 대한 의지’

'Going(行), And again, the willingness to affirm'


We live in a society where there are countless barriers to human beings and the anxiety of space and time. The sight of life through the world is easily defeated, collapsed and destroyed. Asking questions about why everything else should be wiped out will constantly lead to human helplessness and deep anxiety


Through the possibility of the hope from the energy of co-existence, I wanted to solve these problems stemmed from the lack of unity and debris from the imperfection of the world. Because I was not comfortable in solitary art work, I tried to find an orientation to the starting point of my original work through the dynamic activity of art.


"Angel's Share" has a significant meaning for me because I have experienced a great deal of comfort in the mother nature. The huge tree that died in the derelict forest of the city looked like a broken heart inside me. In that particular place, I made the garden that was planted with naphthalene for a month. This is the 'Angel's Share Garden' project.

Angels share is a term used to describe the portion of a wine that is lost to evaporation through fermentation during aging when making wine. Through the powerful sublimation of naphthalene, it has been visualized the role of purification medium to connect a dichotomy between life world and death world. And for fading away the existence of the naphthalene in the eighth month. we could see the coexistence with not-being beyond the existence of life and death.


Based on this project, I want to draw the image of the white material, the forest and the dying tree. By capturing numerous movements unseen that exist in nature, make image of the flow of energy that is not visible but coexist. it is necessary to activate the sense of feeling alive in order to overcome the emptiness in a vulnerable reality. I am extending the moment of the contacts through the projects as well as painting.